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Your puppy will gain a new sense of confidence and an understanding of how to problem-solve in the world they live in.

As well as a communication language that is clear and concise and mutually beneficial to the pet and owner.

What Will My Puppy Learn?

We can help build socialization skills and confidence in your puppy.

Setting a puppy up for success in life is 100% the responsibility or a solid pet parent. There are so many behavioral problems that can be avoided in life through correct foundational communication as a puppy. If your goal for your puppy is to have a stellar relationship with clear communication then the answer is absolutely!! Puppy training can head off almost all major and minor behavioral issues

✅ Crate/house training
✅ Leash manners
✅ Play biting
✅ Social manners

Our approach to puppies is complete in its nature we push to build confident happy and well adjusted puppies, and we believe that with puppies slow and steady wins the race over quick compliance-based tactics. You’ve made a long-term investment by getting a puppy and we take that seriously in that we want to take our time to ensure the best long term results for your puppy!

Our Training Program

Our Nashville dog training program is a 2 part program where we bring in your puppy at 16 weeks of age for 2 weeks and set all of their obedience foundation, build a reward and work history, and a clear understanding of how to work for a paycheck.

We’re careful to work within the attention span of the puppy that s appropriate for their developmental stage.

We then bring them back in at 8 months old or so to finish out full obedience when the attention span is better suited for duration and distraction.

What’s Next?

When your puppy comes in for training we begin by just allowing approx. 48hrs for decompression, this means we just allow them to be free to be puppies with no expectations or training. This is the time we use to start to simply build a relationship with your puppy and develop trust through offering food and affection. Once the puppy is comfortable in the new environment we begin by loading a marker for your puppy.  This is the basis for the communication system we will build for you and your puppy so this is a crucial yet fairly simple process. Once the marker is loaded we begin free shaping behaviors.

The process of free shaping is a process of self discovery for your puppy where we teach them to problem solve their environment and self-assess how to find their own advantage in correct and desired behavior. Once we have basic behaviors free shaped we begin teaching the puppy how to control and relieve pressure through correct behavior.

This skill translates greatly to helping prevent anxiety and fear in your puppy in the future as both of those behavioral responses are a lack of understanding in how to handle the pressures of the world. So through teaching them how to control and more importantly appropriately relieve and turn off the pressure. This empowers the pup in his environment giving them confidence and power.

Next steps come when they are a bit older 8 months old or so where we bring them back in for 3-4 weeks to take the foundation we built at 16 weeks old and expand it to include duration and distraction in all established obedience behaviors. it has been our experience that this 2 pronged approach lends to a smoother and more age-appropriate learning process for the pup.

Ready to get started?

If you interested in learning more about our puppy training program and are located in or around the Nashville, TN area, give us call today at (615) 703-3431 or complete the form on this page to schedule a free consultation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic training for a puppy can start as early as 7 to 8 weeks of age. Puppies are like sponges during their early developmental stages, making it an ideal time to introduce them to basic commands, socialization, and positive experiences.

However, short and age-appropriate training sessions are recommended, considering their limited attention spans. It’s crucial to use positive reinforcement techniques and focus on creating a positive association with training to build a strong foundation for a well-behaved adult dog.

Absolutely. We emphasize gradual exposure to various environments, people, and dogs to ensure well-rounded socialization.

Our trainers often recommend redirecting biting to appropriate toys, teaching bite inhibition, and consistent positive reinforcement.

Yes, our dog trainers offer techniques to discourage jumping, redirect attention, and teach commands like “quiet.

Our dog trainers often provide guidance on introducing the crate gradually, making it a positive space for your puppy.