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I personally have 20 years as a training professional. We can rehabilitate extreme behavioral issues that most trainers wont touch. We believe our role is to facilitate the shift in the owner/dog relationship so our client follow up and aftercare procedures are world class. We want our clients to be with us for life. We believe that communication is the primary breakdown between owner and dog and we pride ourselves on being excellent communicators with dogs and people. 

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Are You Looking For A Reliable Dog Trainer In Your Area?

We can help. We are Agoge K9 LLC, a professional dog training company with years of experience. We can help train any breed, age or behavior. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

My pups, 6yr old Lucky (small mixed breed) and 6 month old Lolly (German shepherd), were extremely easy to train after working with Brian. Lucky has some aggression issues from his past and I didn’t want Lolly picking up bad habits! Both dogs have done extremely well! Brian came in an immediately identified the personalities of each dog, worked with me on how to work with them, and even how to introduce tricks with a clicker! I’ve referred multiple people to him, based on “your dogs are so good!” I highly recommend Brian as a dog/people trainer!

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I trust Brian’s expertise and knowledge of working dog german shepherds. Cody is also fantastic. He spent time explaining everything they taught Yago and sent me home with a much calmer and obedient dog than I had dropped off. If you need dog training, or behavior correction, this is the place for you. Brian and his team can assist with major behavioral issues and give you peace of mind and confidence with your pet. A++

Debbie Buttar

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Who Are We?

We are Agoge,K9 LLC. A professional dog training company serving the Nashville, TN area with over 20+ years in dog training experience. We aim to create a massive shift in how pet owners think about their dogs by allowing them to understand their pets basic natural needs and creating a common known language between pet parent and dog.

We believe that the dog training industry as a whole is loaded with subpar professionals that use force as their primary method of communication with the animals and our goal is to right that ship and teach pet owners the power of self-discovery and true learning to their animal. 

We are unique in that we have a small team of highly skilled and experienced trainers that care deeply about not only results but also HOW we get those results. Our knowledge and patience combined give us the unique ability to work with and solve the most difficult of behavioral cases.

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Frustrated with your dog's behavior?

Let us help transform them into the perfect obedient pet that listens to your every command!

We Service Nashville, TN and All Surrounding Areas.

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