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obedient dog with its trainer

Brian Ferguson

Founder of AgogeK9.
Family Man.
Former Owner of Tennessee Dog Psychology.

Brian began training dogs specializing in behavioral rehabilitation in 2005. In 2007 Brian and best friend and fellow trainer Cory opened Tennessee Dog Psychology located in Nashville TN with the goal of taking and helping the dogs that most trainers couldn’t or wouldn’t help. Starting their company as a service to both rescue organizations and pet owners they spent the first few years doing thousands of free consultations and cutting their teeth rehabilitating the worst of the worst when it came to aggression and fear based behavioral issues.

In 2012 Brian decided to take a break from pet training and interned with a local law enforcement trainer in order to fulfil his desire to understand working dogs and further his education in training. Since then Agoge K9 has grown to a breeding and law enforcement training program that houses more than 30 dogs and has K9’s on multiple agencies stretched from coast to coast. Brian absolutely found his life’s calling and a passion for producing and training K9’s that are second to none in their genetic soundness and capability on the job protecting our country and helping hold the thin blue line. His ability to provide insight into the root causes of a K9’s behavior both in and out of the job allows him the ability to help problem solve and address many of the common issues encountered by the dogs and their handlers.

This led to Brian realizing that many of the issues facing K9’s in law enforcement were due to sub par genetics and poor breeding practices. And as such ignited his passion for breeding and producing the best law enforcement prospects possible through careful testing and genetic strategy.

Outside of the #doglife Brian has a passion for brazilian jiu-jitsu, music, firearms, good bourbon and most of all spending time with his beautiful wife of 18years Catie and their son Liam.

owner cuddling his dog

Catie Ferguson

Co-Founder of AgogeK9.
Admin Extraordinaire.
Kennel Mama.

Catie Ferguson is the co-founder of Agoge K9 LLC. Wife and business partner to Brian. Her contributions range from detailed administrative work to caring for our extraordinary canines.

She brings her skills of organization and healthcare from her previous career as a Dental Hygienist. Catie continues to expand her knowledge in bookkeeping and optimum canine care. Always striving to improve the efficiency of our facilities and the health of the dogs. Her drive to do this line of work everyday is to be able to work alongside her family and a passion for animals.

In addition to containing the crazy at Agoge K9 LLC, Catie enjoys fitness and trying out new recipes to find healthy but also tasty ways to feed her family and friends. She loves the opportunity to get to homeschool their son and develop his interests.